Geriatric Massage


Karen has a genuine heart for the elderly.  There are many benefits of massage in Geriatric care. 

"Geriatric massage or also known as elderly massage is the type of massage therapy suitable for the elders. This type of therapy is specially designed and developed for treating problems that are common on the elderly people. Adding this therapeutic massage on the regular medical care of the elderly can improve their health, boost their immune system, and relieve stress and fatigue.

A geriatric massage is designed not only for unhealthy seniors but for all individuals in that age group. As we age, many disease symptoms begin to show and take over our health. Many of the elders in our society are suffering from all sorts of diseases, body pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and many other problems both physical and emotional. However, elderly massage can help lessen the effects of these health conditions and improve the overall health of the body and mind. This technique is effective in soothing the body, relieving muscle pain, releasing stress and tension, improving circulation, and many more. Blood pressure is also lowered or stabilized after enjoying this therapeutic massage.

This type of therapy incorporates some of the basic massage strokes used in Swedish massage into something better for the older individuals. Effleurage, petrissage, and friction are some of the basic forms of massage strokes used during a Swedish massage therapy. All of these massage techniques used by the therapist should be conducted with gentle pressure. Aside from the light strokes used during therapies, the therapist should also always ask the patient regarding how he or she feels during the massage. In case there is discomfort from the patient, the massage therapy should be discontinued.

While sleep is very important, old people tend to have difficulties in getting quality sleep. A geriatric massage does a great job in improving the sleep quality and creates a better sleeping pattern. Sleep recharges the body and gives it its required energy to properly go on with their lifestyle. In case sleep is withheld or lack of sleep occurs, anxiety and depression among the elderly population settles in. This emotional problem in the long run will result to medical conditions after medical conditions if not treated during its early signs and symptoms.

Conditions such as bruising, broken bones, fragile bones, open bed sores, varicose veins, certain types of cancers, and some other conditions should be informed to the therapist prior to the massage therapy as individuals with these problems should never get this massage. The doctor's recommendation, advice, or opinions should be followed by the seniors to avoid running into problems especially in their age where recovery is quite hard to achieve.

The duration of this therapy should not exceed 30 minutes as the body of the elderly can't take too much activity. Regular sessions of this natural treatment can help the seniors to treat and reduce the risks of getting Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, problems related to sleep, headaches, and many more. The elderly people can benefit from this wonderful therapy as it does not require them to use drugs, needles, or surgeries to treat such problems."

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